• 1. Where is Oahu,Maui and Kauai surf camp located?

  • 2. I would like to stay in a private room is that possible?

    Yes,at the time of booking just let us know ,the pricing is different.

  • 3. Do I need to bring my own pillow and bed sheets?

    No ,all of our accommodations provide you with fresh bed linens and towels.If you are attached to your pillow feel free to bring it.

  • 4. Can I bring my own surf board?

    We provide you with top quality soft top surfboards,however if you want to further hone in on your surfing skills,we say go for it!Please check with airlines as some companies are not surf board friendly and charge an additional tax.

  • 5. What should I bring?

    Hawaii,Brazil and Costa Rica all have a tropical climate so you will spend most of your day in a swimsuit and surf shorts.Bring some swimsuits,surf shorts,T.shirts and tanks,Pair of Jeans,Mini skirt,running shoes,summer dresses,Flip Flops,PJ’s, Sunblock, beach towel,sunglasses and hat and a sweater and personal necessities.

  • 6. What if I have never surfed before?

    No problem just bring lots of energy and a big smile and we take care of the rest!

  • 7. What happens if the waves are big?

    Your safety is first,but there are many beaches to choose from if the conditions are not favorable for our campers

  • 8. Will I be picked up from the airport?

    Of course we will be ready and waiting for you/group with a big sign and your name on it!

  • 9. Should I rent my own car?

    If you would like to enjoy the nightlife for our surf camp in Oahu or Mauai ,we recommend you hire a car.For Costa Rica its optional and for Brazil surf camp no.

  • 10. Is there an age minimum?

    For teen camp 12-17,for adult surf camp 18 and up.

  • 11. Do you have a photographer?

    We have a professional photographer available at all of our surf camp locations check for details and pricing with our office.


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